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At Our Small Angels, we have carefully selected some most trending and lovely Baby Feeding products and brought them to your disposal at great prices. Go get yours now for your Little angel.

Baby Feeding Bowl Set

The bowl is a closed-shaped and used for preparing or serving food for the baby. The shape or interior of  the bowl is a spherical cap with edges to prevent the spilling of food items and could be used to serve various meals to the baby.

Double Electric Silicone Breast Pumps

Get the latest and quietest double electric breast pump. The pump is designed for mom’s comfort. You can confidently and discreetly pump anywhere. It is lightweight with an ergonomic carrying handle,

Manual Breast Pump and Feeding Bottle

This also known as hand pumps, are a low-tech but effective way to pump breast milk for your baby. There's no need for a plug or batteries like you’ll find on electric breast pumps, since they're entirely hand-operated.

Breathable Cotton Breastfeeding Cover

This is made using high-quality breathable cotton. It can be used as an apron or a shawl. Since the cover made using cotton and could be used as comforter for your baby.

Compact Silicone Baby Feeding Bottle

Make sure your baby can drink their milk better and with ease by using this compact silicone baby bottle to feed them. It has a soft squeezable body as well as a well-design nipple which your baby will like. It also has a secure closure lid.

Portable Breast Milk Heater

This portable Milk Heater is the perfect solution for warming breast milk. It is designed with a slow heat technique to avoid hot spots and any accidental overheating that can destroy vital breast milk nutrients. 90ML Safe New-born Baby Feeding Bottle Baby Feeding Color : White Bottle|White With suction|Green Bottle|Orange With suction|Pink With suction|Blue Bottle|Blue With suction|Pink Bottle|Green With suction|Orange Bottle|Spoon cover
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